Palouse MV Series No-Till Drills

Designed for Seeding on the Palouse

-Heavy Duty Double Disk Seed Openers & Mid Row Banding Fertilizer Openers for true 1 pass No-Till.

-Accumulated Down-Pressure on Openers, Wings, & Tongue make for accurate seed depth & gives the operator control to adjust pressure while seeding in order to match field conditions.

-35' to 50' Drill - Air System with Digital Scale System For Accurate Seed Rate

-30' to 33' Krause Fluted Seed Cups used for Seed System. Great For Grade A Garbanzo Beans (with use of Agitators)!

-Heavy Duty Frame Design, Parallel Arms, Sealed & Grease-able Spherical Bearings Create a Nearly Maintenance Free Design.

-True Single Pass No-Till Which can save on fuel and time which reduces your cost per acre.

-If you have a desire for a No-Till Drill we can Custom Build to meet your needs and specifications.

Seed Features

Double Disk Openers

-Heavy Duty Double Disk Seed Opener

-NEW Low Disturbance Double Disk Seed Opener

-Starter Fertilizer Tubes Standard

-All Openers 18" x 3/16" Disk with Heavy Duty Hubs

-Spacing Options 7 1/2" or 10"

-Openers Paired on 12" Rank for handling residue

-Heavy Semi-Pneumatic 4" x 16" Depth/Packer Wheel

Seed System Options

-If your comfortable with Box Style Conventional Drills we offer a Krause Fluted Seed Cup on Drills 33' & under.

-Familiar with the Agpro Seed System, we can incorporate there system with our Stainless Steel Seed Box.

-Also offering a Bourgault PDM+ Meter System with Tower Distribution using a Cone Bottom Poly-tank.

-Air System come standard with Digital Scales in order to track your seed rates accurately.

-All systems can incorporate Intelligent Ag Wireless Seed Monitors.

Fertilizer System

Opener Options

-Heavy Double Disk Fertilizer Opener Standard, Single Rank

-Optional Shank setup with Fertilizer Knife, 2 Rank,  Single or Double Tube, NH3 Possible, CNH side mount shank, CNH 550# Trip

-Accumulated Parallel Arm System for Accurate Fertilizer Depth

Tank Configurations

-30' to 32 1/2' Standard 1,600 Gallon Cone Bottom Deep Band Fertilizer Tank with 400 Gallon Starter Leg Tank

-35' Standard 1,600 Gallon Cone Tank + 500 Gallon Cone Tank Deep Band with 500 Gallon Cone Tank for Starter

-50' Standard 2,500 Gallon Deep Band Fertilizer Cone Bottom Tank with 500 Gallon Starter Leg Tank


-We work with Agpro, Spray Center, & Ag Enterprise to give our customers whatever they desire when it comes to controls for there fertilizer system.

-All drills built with mounting locations for boom valves and hydraulic pumps.

-Our Expertise is getting fertilizer and seed in the ground, options like section controls and computer systems are left up to the customer and we setup to match your needs.


Opener Spacing

7 1/2" Seed Spacing on Drills up to 35'

10" Seed Spacing on Drills up to 50'

Mid Row Banding

15" Mid Row Spacing for 7 1/2" Seed

20" Mid Row Spacing for 10" Seed

Drill Widths

30',  32 1/2',  35'  For 7 1/2" Spaced Drill

30',  33'-4",  *50' 10" Spaced Drills

*Only Available in 10" W/ Shank Deep Band

Seed Tanks

SS Seed Tanks 90 BU to 200 BU Agpro

SS Seed Tanks 90 BU to 110 BU Krause

Cone Bottom Polytank 170 BU Bergault

Transport Widths

30' - 18'-5" Wide x 13'-6" Tall

32'-6" - 19'-11" Wide x 14'-6" Tall

35' - 21' Wide x 14' Tall

50' - 19'-11" Wide x 14'-6" Tall

Custom Frames

Need a frame for another style opener and want one that needs no modification? Then come see Alex and see if we can come up with a design that saves you money and gives you what you want!